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You Die - Get the app, then die

The Short Film Heartless screens with this film.

Los Angeles Premiere
Monday, October 15, 2018 - 4:30am
Run Time: 
1 hour 33 minutes
Asia, a young student finds an app on her phone. It looks like an augmented reality game, but soon she realizes it’s much more than that. It’s an app that connects to the world of the dead, which allows her to see the dead through the camera of the phone. The timer starts counting down from 24 hours and Asia’s insanely horrific experience begins. People around her struggle to believe her as she ends up facing this evil curse and fighting for her survival, all by herself.
Directed by: 
Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar
Produced by: 
Daniel Lascar, Simone Offredo, Francesco Scrufari
Written by: 
Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar
Main Cast: 
Erica Landolfi, Simone Moretto, Micol Damilano, Rocco Marazzita, Alice Piano, Simone Valentino, Carola Cudemo, Ja'Michael Darnell, Daniele Marmi

About the Directors

Alessandro Antonaci and Stefano MandalàAlessandro Antonaci was born and raised in Turin, Italy. In 2011 he attended a Practical Filmmaking course at Met Film School in London. In 2015 he directed and produced his first short film “Un Mostro Chiamato Ignoranza” . In 2016, his deep passion for horror films brought him to direct his first horror film “Karma - L’espiazione” (“Karma - Atonement”).

Stefano Mandalà was born and raised in Palermo, Italy. In 2010, he attended an Animation course at Scuola Nazionale di Cinematografia. Since 2010, he has collaborated with some graphic design studios in Torino and has worked for FCA, Adecco, Advice Group, Expo2015 and more. In 2016 he produced and co-directed with Alessandro Antonaci his first horror more