World Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
12m 10s
After three long years away, Thomas Elliot, a crippled war-hero, returns home expecting a heartfelt reunion with his beloved wife, Bonnie. However, their reunion takes an unexpected turn when Bonnie fails to recognise him. Thomas soon comes to realise that Bonnie’s life now revolves entirely around serving a sinister stray cat that has taken up residence in their house. As Bonnie commits bizarre and horrific acts in service of the stray, Thomas desperately tries to reconnect with her. Pushed to the brink of madness, Thomas soon comes to realise he is up against something far greater, older, and darker than he had ever imagined.
Directed by: 
Dean W Law
Produced by: 
Brenton Pinsent
Written by: 
Katherine Chediak Putnam & Dean W Law
Main Cast: 
Melinda Joan Reed and David Breen

About the Director

Dean W LawDean W Law is an emerging Australian director of sexually charged genre cinema, as well as one half of a husband and wife writing team with Brazilian-American writer, Katherine Chediak Putnam. The couple’s films attempt to distill the struggle between the masculine and the feminine into tightly plotted pulp entertainment. Dean teaches at Griffith Film School in Australia, and has created content for national and international brands including Disney Theatrical and the University of Queensland.