Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
9m 59s
Czech Republic
Slayers are people who hunt vampires and other monsters in a steampunk world. For them, it's like every other job. But not always everything goes according to plan...
Directed by: 
Dimitri Kanjuka
Produced by: 
Libor Vrba Jr.
Executive Producer(s): 
Libor Vrba Sr.
Written by: 
Dimitri Kanjuka
Main Cast: 
Jaroslav Pícka, Petr Trojánek, Petr Novák, Vojtěch Morávek, Jakub Volánek, Vladimír Pasák, Ondřej Voda, Josef Berousek

About the Director

Dimitri KanjukaDimitri Kanjuka was born in 1987 in the East of Ukraine. He was brought to the film by his friend Alexandr, who died in 2012 at just 33 years of illness called muscle dystrophy. Since young age Dimitri watched sci-fi and horror films like The Terminator, The Nightmare on Elm Street, The Aliens, etc. At the age of 10 he moved to the Czech Republic and in the fifth grade he directed his first short story. That was the moment when he decided to be a director.
During the years he has sold several screenplays to film productions and television and made several video clips, but later he focused mainly on directing short films. His love for the film led him to the position of a stuntman, where he met his future filmmaking buddies. Every more