Meet You in the Parking Lot | SCREAMFEST

Meet You in the Parking Lot

World Premiere
Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
8m 36s
Following the cryptic instructions from a battered Mead composition book, best friends Sam and Alex hope to get a glimpse of their lives-to-come by performing a ritual designed to conjure their future selves. But when Sam’s future self arrives, she learns that her “future” may not last through the night.
Directed by: 
David Sloan & Jordan Eakin
Produced by: 
Nick Brenton
Written by: 
David Sloan & Jordan Eakin
Main Cast: 
Samantha — Arielle Gordon; Alex —Gabrielle Stephenson

About the Director

David Sloan & Jordan EakinDirectors David Sloan & Jordan Eakin comprise Sleakin — a hybrid handsome man, hideous ogre creative unit. This curious freak of nature is so enamored with the creative process that it does it for a living at an advertising agency in Durham, North Carolina. As an avid fan of film, and in sanctimonious pursuit of creative purity, Sleakin set out to create its own story using the knowledge and skills picked up on the sets of a couple dozen commercial projects including two Super Bowl spots. Their first short film — 'Meet You In The Parking Lot' — will have its world premiere at Screamfest this year.