World Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 11:00pm
Run Time: 
In the near future a brain deteriorating disease known as the ‘Hebedus virus' has swept across the Earth, rendering vast swathes of the population into an incurable vegetative state. In order to combat growing food shortages it has become the norm to slaughter the infected and sell their meat to be consumed under the name ‘brawn’. When Heather, a middle-aged woman and casual consumer of brawn, discovers that her Father has contracted the disease she must take him to be processed but soon discovers that letting go isn't as easy as she first thought and a startling revelation will change her world forever.
Directed by: 
Henry Boffin
Produced by: 
Brittany Blacka
Written by: 
Henry Boffin
Main Cast: 
Ellen Bailey, Joel Pierce, John McNeill, Tanya Schneider, Charlotte Stent

About the Director

Henry BoffinHenry Boffin is an independent filmmaker and writer based in Brisbane, Australia. A graduate of the Griffith Film School he
has made several short films, primarily in the science fiction genre, as well as music videos for local talent and
commercials for clients such as Volvic Water and Ford Motors.
His short films, Rain and Ouroboros, have both featured as part of the Cannes Court Métrage and between them have won
awards at the Pittsburgh Independent, Silver Wave and China Australia International Film Festivals. They have also gone
on to be officially selected around the world for festivals such as Hollyshorts, Flickerfest and the New York Independent
Film Festival.
In 2014 Henry completed more