The Last Wish | SCREAMFEST

The Last Wish

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
6m 55s
Angelica and Rob are tied up in a cellar not knowing how they got there but soon they realize they are being a part of an elaborate, diabolic game of life and death.
Directed by: 
Jarno Lee Vinsencius
Produced by: 
Jarno Lee Vinsencius
Written by: 
Jarno Lee Vinsencius
Main Cast: 
Demis Tzivis, Christine Singbrant, Asko Päiviö

About the Director

Jarno Lee VinsenciusJarno Lee Vinsencius is an award-winning writer/director/cinematographer/producer. Born and raised in Sweden, Jarno Lee Vinsencius began his passion for filmmaking when his Indonesian father brought home a Super 8mm projector. Jarno's first movie he experienced was the original King Kong from 1933, a 20-min version. He was then mesmerized by the magical world of motion pictures when Star Wars was introduced 1977. In the late 90's J.L.V. moved to the United States where he attended film school. Today Jarno Lee Vinsencius runs his own production company called JLV Pictures. He has written, directed and produced several successful short films, TV-series and music videos which have earned him over 80 international film awards.