No Premiere
Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
A young woman, Maritza, comes home to find her fiance's college buddy, Dylan, preparing an elaborate meal in celebration of their wedding. But as the night unfolds, she slowly begins to suspect that...something may be horribly wrong.
Directed by: 
Cory Miller
Produced by: 
Julie Bersani, Rob Belushi
Executive Producer(s): 
Kyle Lane, Michael Forsythe
Written by: 
Rob Belushi
Main Cast: 
Aimee Carrero, Rob Belushi, Chris Gardner, Jon Barinholtz

About the Director

Cory MillerCory completed the graduate program at UCLA FILM and TV and was a Spotlight Award winner before becoming a blacklisted writer for his 2013 feature LINE OF DUTY. He is presently at The Sundance Writer’s Lab for his new feature, CITY ON FIRE, about The MOVE bombing in Philly, his hometown. Before going into film, Cory was a citizen investigator in NYC for three years, investigating complaints against the NYPD, where he closed more cases than anyone before him. Cory and Rob Belushi are currently in development with their feature script based on their short thriller, Dylan.

Winner: Best Short 2018 - Illinois International Film Fest, Best Performance in a Leading Role - Malibu International Film Fest, Most Shocking - Indian and Tampa Bay Comic Co...read more