The Den

US Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
15m 59s
Mario is driving under the rain. It’s dark in a lonely road. Suddenly he has to stop. In the middle of the way there’s a woman. She is disorientated and covered in blood. She doesn’t remember where she’s been or what happened to her. Mario needs to look for assistance. They stop at the first place they can find: A quiet bar called La Guarida / The Den. People in the bar kindly will help them out. Until the truth starts to surface… By then the bar won’t look like a safe place anymore.
Directed by: 
Iago de Soto
Produced by: 
Iván Pérez
Executive Producer(s): 
Raúl Cerezo
Written by: 
Joan Abelló Sanz / Iago de Soto
Main Cast: 
Daniel Ortiz, María Hervás, Felipe García Vélez, Mona Martínez, Pablo Vázquez, Juan Carlos Castillejo, Juan Carlos López Agustino

About the Director

Javi SalvagoAfter finishing his Studies at ESCAC (Catalonia Film School) he directed short films such as “Corre” (2002) and “Corre 2” (2003). In 2009 released “Versus” (produced by 24 Mentiras), his first full lenght feature. This independent action film was premiered at Sitges International Film Festival and had a long haul in festivals around the world. Since then he has been working as advertising director (nowdays exclusively for Atresmedia). “La Guarida / The Den” is his comeback to fiction.