Trench 11 | SCREAMFEST

Trench 11

US Premiere
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
1 hour 31 mins
Northern France, 1918. Canadian tunneller ABRAHM BERTON (Rossif Sutherland) specializes in tunneling under enemy lines and exploding their trenches from below. It’s brutal, claustrophobic work – even more deadly than life above ground in the trenches. As World War One approaches its bloody conclusion, Berton allows himself the luxury of dreaming about a life after war with his French fiancé, VERONIQUE (Karine Vanasse). Berton’s superiors CAPTAIN JENNINGS (Ted Atherton) and DR. PRIEST (Charlie Carrick) have other plans. They need his unique expertise to lead a team of Allies below ‘Trench 11’ inside a secret underground German base they suspect to be the home of REINER’s (Robert Stadlober) weapon laboratory. World War One was a violent era for the development of lethal force. ‘Mustard gas’ and the machine gun were both invented during these unforgiving years. Reiner has lost control of a highly contagious biological weapon – a parasite which was intended to destroy Allied livestock, but has an even more profane effect on humans. Despite profound apathy towards his commanders and all forms of authority, Berton has to confront this sophisticated and profane evil to survive.
Directed by: 
Leo Scherman
Produced by: 
Producer: Tyler Levine Co-Producer: Phyllis Laing Co-Producer: Isaac Clements
Executive Producer(s): 
Martin Katz, Walter Gasparovic, Francois Dagenais, Devan Towers, Jeff Beesley, James Aitken, Anders Palm, Andrew Thomas Hunt, James Fler, Michael Paszt, Jane Tattersall, Peter Gibson
Written by: 
Matthew Booi, Leo Scherman
Main Cast: 
Rossif Sutherland, Robert Stadlober, Charlie Carrick, Shaun Benson, Karine Vanasse

About the Director

LEO SCHERMAN trained under David Cronenberg and Paul Schrader and previously wrote and directed two feature films: the indie thrillers 'White Knuckles' and 'Never Forget'. Scherman has written and directed for NBC, Vice, History, Discovery and SyFy including two seasons of the hit series 'Scare Tactics'. Scherman has directed commercials for Expedia, McDonald’s and Gatorade and is co-creator of the Canadian Screen Award winning television series 'Cock'd Gunns'.