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Tragedy Girls

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Los Angeles Premiere
Monday, October 16, 2017 - 3:00am
Run Time: 
1 hour 30 mins
United States
Best friends Sadie and McKayla are on a mission to boost their social media fandom as amateur crime reporters hot on the trail of a deranged local serial killer. After they manage to capture the killer and secretly hold him hostage, then realize the best way to get scoops on future victims would be to, you know, murder people themselves. As the @TragedyGirls become an overnight sensation and panic grips their small town, can their friendship survive the strain of national stardom? Will they get caught? Will their accounts get verified?
Directed by: 
Tyler MacIntyre
Produced by: 
Armen Aghaeian, Tara Ansley, Anthony Holt, Edward Mokhtarian, Craig Robinson, Cameron Van Hoy
Executive Producer(s): 
Ray Borderau, Alexander Ferguson, Eric Fischer, Tyler W. Konney, Kerry Rhodes, Traceigh Scottel, Richard Switzer, Gregory Thomas, Anthony Thorne, Viviana Zarragoitia
Written by: 
Chris Lee Hill, Tyler MacIntyre, Justin Olson
Main Cast: 
Brianna Hildebrand, Alexandra Shipp, Josh Hutcherson, Kevin Durand, Jack Quaid, Craig Robinson

About the Director

Tyler MacIntyreTyler MacIntyre is a Los Angeles-based writer and director. Originally from Canada, Tyler began his professional career as an film editor, relocating to the U.S. to attend the American Film Institute where he graduated with a MFA in 2010. Since then he has been mentored by industry legends including Peter Bogdanovich and Roger Corman, which helped shape his passion for crafting genre films with a unique voice. Tyler’s feature debut, the horror-comedy PATCHWORK won awards at film festivals around the world and is available through The Orchard. His follow-up feature TRAGEDY GIRLS premiered at SXSW in 2017 and will be released theatrically through Gunpowder & Sky in October.