Slaughter At Lonesome Rock | SCREAMFEST

Slaughter At Lonesome Rock

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 1:00am
Run Time: 
7m 40s
A solitary outback police woman investigates two abandoned cars on an isolated road in the dead of night. Searching for clues she is drawn into the surrounding wilderness. One by one she discovers the cars' missing occupants in horribly mutilated states. Shocked and confused she soon becomes doomed to the same dark end, without answers or hope.
Directed by: 
Lucas Thyer
Produced by: 
Caitlin Johnston and Jeff W. Tseng
Written by: 
Simon Jeffares
Main Cast: 
Niki-J Price, Chris Sommers, Ashlee Lollback

About the Director

Lucas ThyerLucas Thyer is an award-¬winning filmmaker based in Brisbane, Australia. His strong visual style, editorial skills and focus on performance-based storytelling has taken him around the world; creating compelling content for clients both big and small. His commercial work covers all formats; spanning TVCs, documentaries, music videos and online campaigns, though recently a focus on drama has seen his films broadcast and win awards across the globe. Passionate about the projects he works on, he brings a creativity and enthusiasm to everything he creates.