Run Runner Run | SCREAMFEST

Run Runner Run

US Premiere
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
11m 6s
Run for health, Run for fitness... Run for your life. Laura, a young and attractive mother, gets out to run as she does every morning through out the woods nearby her house. She could’t imagine this time will be the run of her life when she got attacked by some mysterious strangers.
Directed by: 
Karim Shaker
Produced by: 
Karim Shaker, Omar Shaker
Executive Producer(s): 
Karim Shaker, Omar Shaker
Written by: 
Karim Shaker
Main Cast: 
Mónica Miranda, Javier Batanero, Ibai López, Carla Scirpo, Boris Martínez, Saladina Jota

About the Director

Karim ShakerKarim Shaker was born in Madrid and spent all his life focused on developing creative stuff. Always self tought, first as music composer and producer, and lately in cinema and visual arts. He is in love with the genre and Sci-Fi since he was a child and his mother obligated him to watch horror films. With his new thrilling short 'Run Runner Run' he gets his second selection at Screamfest (first was 2016 with his first short 'La Cena').