The Night Delivery | SCREAMFEST

The Night Delivery

No Premiere
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
14m 44s
When grocery delivery employees Max, Bryce and Rich go on the last run of the day, their motives are anything but sincere. As they begin the theft at the Ramsey residence, they quickly discover an evil entity has already taken control of the home and its occupant. In a last ditch effort to escape, the co-workers find themselves hunted, unknowingly drawing the monster through past and present actions. With time running out and the body count rising, they are faced with one final choice. Will it be the right one?
Directed by: 
Scott O'Hara
Produced by: 
Ann Lommori, Kurtis Lee Hermes
Executive Producer(s): 
Cindy Tseng, Bryan Bihari, Steve & Stacey Durant
Written by: 
Scott O'Hara
Main Cast: 
Maxwell Renner, Jordan Potch, Ross Murray, Berkeley Pickell, Sherman Koltz

About the Director

Scott O'HaraScott O'Hara was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where he was introduced to filmmaking at a very young age. Shooting movies on his parent's 8mm camera, Scott developed a love for classic monster films and creature features, which broadened his understanding of what was possible in the world of cinema. In 2006 Scott received his B.A. in Political Science from St. Mary's College of California, which of course, he did not use.

After working several jobs devoid of film, Scott packed up and moved to Southern California to pursue his filmmaking career in Los Angeles. Once there he completed the Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA and currently freelances for production companies as a writer, director and editor. He is the more