World Premiere
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
8m 38s
After some awkward pleasantries and an exchange of cash Rob presents Edmund with an old, creased photo of a girl. As a queue of clients continue to wait outside, Rob has to decide whether to indulge his fantasy at whatever cost.
Directed by: 
Carl Shanahan
Produced by: 
Emma Richardson
Executive Producer(s): 
John Panton
Written by: 
Carl Shanahan
Main Cast: 
Joe Hancock, Kris Fisher, Muireen Brady, Katie Villa

About the Director

Carl ShanahanCarl Shanahan is an award winning director, DOP and editor based in the UK. Having dropped out of University to film bands within London's punk rock scene, his first 'proper job' was in TV where he spent three years developing his post production skills. After this, he decided to pursue his main goal: directing.

Recently, Carl has been filming in the UK and Africa for Oxfam GB, creating a series of short films about the droughts in East Africa, corporate tax avoidance, gender equality and Oxfam's work across the globe.

Carl's first short film, 'Eat', premiered at the London Short Film Festival in Jan 2016 followed by screenings at Aesthetica SFF, Shriekfest and The Portland Horror Film Festival. It was also featured on more