The Baby Whisperer | SCREAMFEST

The Baby Whisperer

World Premiere
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 1:00am
Run Time: 
16m 30s
Two years after the death of her mother, ten-year-old Ruby still struggles with the loss, long after her father Aaron remarries Grace. With the arrival of newborn step-brother Archie pushing the family into a sleep deprivation limbo, Ruby’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. Withdrawing further into her world of fairy tales, Ruby's relationship with her beloved doll takes on a sinister dimension when she comes to believe she can be reunited with her dead mother. Out of desperation, Grace employs the assistance of a Baby Whisperer - Nina, a woman with a preternatural ability to sooth the sleepless Archie, and return some sanity to the family. But Nina's true motives become clearer as Ruby connects with her on a level of understanding deeper than anyone will suspect.
Directed by: 
Sean Gilligan
Produced by: 
Lucas Thyer, Caitlin Johnston, Sean Gilligan and Jeff W. Tseng
Executive Producer(s): 
Nathaniel Eaton
Written by: 
Sean Gilligan
Main Cast: 
Milly Walton, Lauren Jackson, Flloyd Kennedy and Jason Klarwein

About the Director

Sean GilliganSean is an award winning filmmaker whose body of work traverses music videos, film and documentary. He has directed more than 40 music videos for many of Australia’s most acclaimed musicians including Missy Higgins, Silverchair, The Sleepy Jackson, The Living End, Tim Finn, The Birds of Tokyo and Gin Wigmore. His feature documentary Fantome Island screened at The Brisbane International Film Festival, won Best Australian Film at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and recently received it’s first national broadcast on Australian television. Sean’s short films have won accolades and screened internationally. It’s his passion for storytelling, performance and fresh creative ideas that means the most to him and the challenge of how those muscles can be more