World Premiere
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
13m 55s
Alone in his dark abode, a man with no head carefully prepares a large supper in front of a camera. Alert to the lunar calendar on his wall, he must find one last element to stage the gloomy picture he has in mind. Over the fireplace, he bears a strange collection: heads in jars named after the biblical apostles. But one is still missing; Judas. And to get it before the full moon rises, the man will have to do something unthinkable.
Directed by: 
Marcos DeBrito
Produced by: 
Adriano Lírio
Executive Producer(s): 
Adriano Lírio, Marcos DeBrito, José Said de Brito
Written by: 
Marcos DeBrito
Main Cast: 
Gabriel Muglia as JUDAS, Marcelo Argenta as MATTHEW, Jesus Machanoscki as JESUS, Thaty Taranto as MARY MAGDALENE, Francisco Gaspar as JOHN

About the Director

Marcos DeBritoMarcos DeBrito is a well-known author and filmmaker in Brazil. “Massacre County” (2015) was his first feature after an awarded career in shorts. The movie had its theatrical release (after running festivals worldwide) and is being sold to several countries. The anthology film “Stranger Tales” (which Marcos participates with the short “Apostles”) is expected to debut later this year. His 4th novel will be published in early 2018 while the previous ones are in search of investors to become feature films or TV series.