No Caller I.D.

US Premiere
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 11:00pm
Run Time: 
8m 51s
New Zealand
A young women receives a mysterious call in the night. After several strange occurrences she realises that she is not alone and that she may be in grave danger.
Directed by: 
Guy Pigden
Produced by: 
Harley Neville and Guy Pigden
Written by: 
Guy Pigden
Main Cast: 
Jocelyn Christian, Harley Neville, Guy Pigden

About the Director

Guy Pigden

Guy Pigden is a Writer/Director/Editor currently in post-production on his second feature film Older which he wrote, starred in, directed and produced. He has just completed a new short horror film currently in festival's titled 'No Caller I.D.' As a digital content provider he has been creating web series, sketches and short films for over ten years through his Pigville Productions YouTube channel which has over 10 million views and 19,000 subscribers.

His first feature film I Survived A Zombie Holocaust (funded by the NZFC), which he wrote and directed, enjoyed a successful festival run and premiered at three of the top ten horror festivals in the world. The film has received exceedingly positive reviews abroad and was included in the top ten more