Laura, Lost | SCREAMFEST

Laura, Lost

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 6:00pm
Run Time: 
10m 47s
Childhood friends Cole and Brian haven’t spoken for a while and their friendship is rocky at best. But now Cole needs Brian’s help to find Laura, a girl who he believes was abducted a few weeks ago and who holds a special place in Cole's heart. But to fulfill their quest, they need to get over their past and break into a cabin occupied by a malicious woodsman deep in an unholy forest.
Directed by: 
Simon Sandquist
Produced by: 
Jeri Rafter
Written by: 
Simon Sandquist
Main Cast: 
Mason Wagner, Stephen Alan Seder, Ella Steinberg & Russ Gay

About the Director

Simon Sandquist A native Swede, Simon Sandquist was born in 1973. He found his love for filmmaking at an early age and it’s a love that hasn’t wavered since. After graduating from Södra Latins Gymnasium in 1991, Simon began his film career by working as a Production Assistant on commercials and music videos with some of Sweden’s biggest directors. In 1998 Simon wrote and directed his first short “Victor” together with Joel Bergvall, which earned them an Academy Award Nomination. The two went on to direct “The Invisible” (aka, Den Osynlige) to critical acclaim, which gave them the opportunity to move across the big pond to Los Angeles. While working on getting their own projects off the ground, Simon and Joel penned scripts for big studios such as Warner Brothers and more