Velkommen til Paradis | SCREAMFEST

Velkommen til Paradis

US Premiere
Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 1:30pm
Run Time: 
Harald has a feeling that he might be the new Messiah. Harald has grown up in an alternative religious movement and the day has come for his confirmation ritual, which will make him an official part of the church family. But the head of the church and his father don't know about his secret, which could be devastating for his entry into the family. Ultimately, Harald has to decide whether or not to give up a part of himself in order to keep his relationship to his family and friends.
Directed by: 
Kristian Håskjold
Produced by: 
Siri Dynesen
Written by: 
Kristian Håskjold
Main Cast: 
William Rudbeck Lindhardt Kjeld Nørgaard Mads Reuther

About the Director

Kristian Håskjold I grew up with a Christian family in a small town, Nørre Åby, on the Danish island, Funen. We were a part of the alternative church movement, Apostolic Church. Until I was thirteen years old, I attended church every week, but never really felt Jesus’ presence. When I was fifteen, I told my mother, that I did not believe in God. She was sad that I would not join her in heaven. When I finished high school, I traveled a lot in the States for two years and spent half a year in London. Then I moved to Copenhagen to pursue a career within film, and I have been working with film production ever since. The inspiration for my films has always come from my own experiences. My last film, Reception, was about handling confrontation and finding the more