A Tricky Treat | SCREAMFEST

A Tricky Treat

Los Angeles Premiere
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 7:30pm
Run Time: 
Canada, USA
A man is kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the hands of two kids. 'A Tricky Treat' presents a shocking tale of the unexpected with a twist.
Directed by: 
Patricia Chica
Produced by: 
Patricia Chica, Grace Santos, Byron A. Martin
Executive Producer(s): 
Tara Kurtz, Morris Umali, Adonai Interiano
Written by: 
Kamal John Iskander
Main Cast: 
Leonard Waldner, Steve Brewster, Andrea Fletcher, Keira McCarthy and introducing Marco Reilly.

About the Director

Patricia ChicaPatricia Chica is a Latina-Canadian multiple award-winning director who specializes in extreme genre films and edgy documentaries. Graduated from Concordia University with distinction in Film Production, Patricia has a genuine interest in exploring thought-provoking themes that deal with the darker side of the human experience. Her previous films The Promise (2000), Rockabilly 514 (2008), Day Before Yesterday (2010), Ceramic Tango (2013), and Serpent’s Lullaby (2014) have all won many awards and been selected at over 200 film festivals around the world. Patricia recently directed two segments for the Women in Horror Recognition Month's Massive Blood Drive PSA produced by the Soska Twins. Patricia Chica was mentioned in the DREAD CENTRAL lis...read more