The Severing | SCREAMFEST

The Severing

US Premiere
Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 3:45pm
Run Time: 
11m 20s
It is Jacinta’s first day in her new apartment. She has never lived alone; her senses are heightened by the strange sounds and textures that surround her. As day turns to night she is forced to confront her inner most fears – battling for control of her space, body and soul.
Directed by: 
Hayden Gregory
Produced by: 
Priya Namana
Written by: 
Hayden Gregory
Main Cast: 
Natascha Flowers & Drew Gregory

About the Director

Director Hayden GregoryHayden is an award winning Australian Writer, Director and Editor. He attended the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. Hayden is currently working on his first feature film and is collaboratively developing the script for two others. Hayden is a recipient of an Atom Award in 2011, Best Film of 2009 Raw Nerve along with Best Film at the Diegesis Student Film Festival. He is also known for his Corporate film productions which has taken him across the globe.The Severing is a character study about the influence of living in a voyeuristic society. An exploration of crippling external pressures and what it means to take a stand and fight for what is yours.

In The Severing, Jacinta finds herself at the threshold of adulthood; more