Oh, Darling | SCREAMFEST

Oh, Darling

World Premiere
Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 2:00pm
Run Time: 
Darling wants nothing more than to be adored by her beloved husband, Ricky, but the violent scars enveloping her body tell a different story.
Directed by: 
Antonio Yee
Produced by: 
Ry Chase
Written by: 
Antonio Yee
Main Cast: 
Jimmy Jones III , Antonio Yee , Lisa Molenda

About the Director

Oh, DarlingAntonio Yee is an up and coming production designer who also shares a passion for writing, directing, and drag performance. His background in theatre, drag, and his extensive work writing and directing for the haunt industry heavily inspires his cinematic work. This can be seen in the elaborate costuming and staging of his newest short film, "Oh, Darling."

Antonio is nearing the completion of his education at The Los Angeles Film School and will graduate with an Associate of Science in Film in November. "Oh, Darling" is his thesis film.