Fish Eye

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 11:30am
Run Time: 
China & USA
A paranoid young maid is hired by a mysterious, neurotic man. While cleaning, she finds evidence which might be related to an unapprehend serial killer. She tries to hide from her employer, who is hunting her, when she fears she is the next target, leading to a violent confrontation.
Directed by: 
Tong Zhou
Produced by: 
Tong Zhou & Wanyin Bo
Executive Producer(s): 
Xin He
Written by: 
Tong Zhou & Jiahao Hou
Main Cast: 
Liangbo Wang & Yuti Sun

About the Director

Tong Zhou Tong Zhou was born in the icy city of Harbin, China. In 2009, she studied at the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing. Her major was directing and stage management. Two years later, she changed course and went to New York Film Academy, where she studied filmmaking and directed ten short films. In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles.

Her first year thesis project in NYC was, "A Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration." This film brought her to the next level of filmmaking in the US. She won several awards and was honored to attend many film festivals including Cannes. After that she directed two more short films, "Square the Circle" and "Fish eye," as well as music videos and commercials during her 3 years in Los Angeles, as well as more