Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert | SCREAMFEST

Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert

World Premiere
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 7:30pm
Run Time: 
United States
Die! Sitter! Die! is an ode to the classic eighties anthology horror film, about a bitter and mischievous babysitter that terrifies the litter girl she is caring for with scary stories, All about BABYSITTERS. RUPERT is one of those stories. It's about a babysitter that is hired to take care of an infant for the night. Little does she know that her situation is about to get a lot more terrifying than she could have ever imagined.
Directed by: 
Lee Boxleitner and Sam Boxleitner
Produced by: 
The Boxleitner Brothers, Matthew Laumann, Alex Holcomb and Leo Matchett
Executive Producer(s): 
Kitty Ogilvy, Dennis Lowe, Shelly Lowe and Matthew Laumann
Written by: 
Sam Boxleitner, Lee Boxleitner and Alex Holcomb
Main Cast: 
Caitlin Reilly Lee Boxleitner Demille Cole-heard

About the Directors

Directors Lee & Sam Boxleitner The Boxleitner brothers have been making films for the past decade. Their last short film, Downstairs, premiered at Screamfest 2014 and went on to festivals around the world. It ended up winning best short film at the Dark Scream horror festival in the UK. After their experience at Screamfest, they decided that nothing was going to get in their way from attending the 2015 festival and now was the perfect time to start shooting their anthology horror feature, one story at a time. The brothers intend on finishing their feature "Die! Sitter! Die!" within the upcoming year to present it in next years festival circuit.