On Dark Paths | SCREAMFEST

On Dark Paths

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 5:30pm
Run Time: 
On Dark Paths tells a story about an eight-year-old boy, Risto, whose mind has created a terrifying monster that creeps in the house during the night. Risto must gather the courage to stand up to the monster - and put an end to his nightmare.
Directed by: 
Paul J. Helin
Produced by: 
Paul J. Helin
Written by: 
Paul J. Helin
Main Cast: 
Pessi Kivilä, Oskari Katajisto, Minna Hämäläinen, Marjatta Rinne

About the Director

Paul J. HelinAmerican-born Paul J. Helin spent most of his yearly childhood watching TV, immersed in the fabricated worlds of movies, because his widowed father, struggling with alcoholism, couldn’t take care of his son’s needs. The seven-year-old Paul was eventually sent to live with relatives in Finland. Because of his social personality, Paul made new friends easily and assimilated into Finnish culture and society.

Helin’s passion has always been telling stories through pictures. His first short film, Tipping the Scales, won the first Finnish 48 Hour Film Project. Duke - Fate of Humanity, a homage to a 90’s video game character, was released on Youtube on Christmas 2010. The short film gathered over 500.000 views in a short period of time and spawned a great...read more