Artifitial | SCREAMFEST


World Premiere
Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 1:30pm
Run Time: 
Xabier (Gorka Otxoa) goes for a job interview. What he doesn't know is that he has already been selected. CORPSA offers to pay him 80,000 if he agrees to be cloned. But more than just a lot of money depends on his decision.  Still, Xabier isn't sure. What if runs into someone identical to himself one day? Who can reassure him he won't be replaced?
Directed by: 
David P. Sañudo
Produced by: 
Luis Espinosa
Executive Producer(s): 
Luis Espinosa, Gonzalo Gómez Lobato, David P. Sañudo
Written by: 
Sergio Granda
Main Cast: 
Gorka Otxoa, Aitor Mazo, David Blanka, Lorea Morlesin, Verónica Berenguer, Javi Alaiza, Javia Cañón

About the Director

A graduate in Audiovisual Communication from Madrid's Carlos III University, he spent time in Universita di Roma III (Italy) and Middlebury College (USA) and holds a Master in Cinematographic Direction from the ESCAC. and Escandalo Films.

He is currently working on his Doctorate in Audiovisual Communication. He directs advertising as well as being a playwright and theatre director.