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Welcome To The Building


Shorts Program 2: The Gas Man - Behind the Bush - Cold Feet - Welcome to the Building - Silk - Naked Zombie Girl

Los Angeles Premiere
Friday, October 17, 2014 - 4:30am
Run Time: 

WELCOME TO THE BUILDING explores an innocent crush and online infatuation that takes a dark and dangerous turn, after Clare moves next door to an unassuming and unstable neighbor. Inspired by classic thrillers, the film brings a contemporary approach to the genre, showing us just how vulnerable we are online, in our everyday lives and when those two worlds intersect. This shockingly realistic portrayal of an obsessive stalker will leave audiences fearing the digital devices that we have all come to rely on.

Directed By: 
Matt Tente
Produced By: 
Joseph Dolan
Written By: 
Matt Tente
Main Cast: 
Claire Scott, Alex Weed, Adam Hagenbuch, and Paul Sarnoff

About the Director

Matt Tente Matt is a graduate of Rhode Island College with degrees in film and communications. He has worked for several distinguished companies in the entertainment industry including Scott Rudin Productions, The Gotham Group and Landscape Entertainment. In addition, he has had the privilege of working for writer/director Scott Cooper (CRAZY HEART, OUT OF THE FURNACE, BLACK MASS).