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Shorts Program 1: Moth - Mr. Dentonn - Intruders - To the Other Side - The Last Halloween - Monstro! - Count to 10 - The Visitant

US Premiere
Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 4:30am
Run Time: 
9m 34s
In the aftermath of a deadly haunting in a small suburban home, a sinister omnipresent entity proceeds to cause havoc in the private lives of a young boy, an unsuspecting teen, and absent minded inspector.
Directed By: 
Santiago Menghini
Produced By: 
Katerine Lefrançois
Written By: 
Santiago Menghini
Main Cast: 
Alain Gendreau, Charles Sirard Blouin, Joshua Young, Sarianne Cormier, Tristan Gabriel Chaput,

About the Director

SantiagoPortrait-100.jpg Santiago Menghini is a director, cinematographer, visual effect artist, and co-founder of Nemesis Films. He is a South American native focusing in the art of cinematic storytelling. He has a film production B.A. from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal and a post-secondary degree in Cinema, Video, & Communications from Dawson College. Santiago Menghini has been more