Evil Twin


Shorts Program 4: Hunt & Prey - Evil Twin - Facsimile - The Landing - Day for Night - Service - Sentient - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
11m 44s

The film begins at the end of a robbery. The main characters, the up-market criminals, are old friends and also two sets of brothers. In the job they just completed, teleportation technology was stolen and this brought out the worst in one of them. The Evil Twin begins a fight that catapults them back and forth through time and space; nobody knows which way this fight will go or the next place the devices will send them…

Who will be the winner in this brotherly battle and have the control of the teleportation and the gang?

Directed By: 
Christian Pfeil
Produced By: 
Christian Pfeil
Written By: 
Christian Pfeil
Main Cast: 
Cha-Lee Yoon, Can Aydin, and Phong Giang

About the Director

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Writer | Producer | Director

Christian Pfeil is an independent film producer and director working primarily in Berlin, Germany. Producer of feature & short films, commercials, image films and music videos, he successfully completed his studies in photography and shortly after realized his passion lies in the art of filmmaking....read more