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Shorts Program 3: Zugar Zombies - The Muck - Dead Hearts - Mineral - Zero - The Quota - DUI - Downstairs

Los Angeles Premiere
Monday, October 20, 2014 - 4:00am
Run Time: 
17m 56s
United States

A staunch security guard has the night from Hell, when his curiosity sends him investigating what goes on... Downstairs.

Directed By: 
Lee Boxleitner
Produced By: 
Sam Boxleitner, Lee Boxleitner, and Mike Dempsey
Written By: 
Sam and Lee Boxleitner
Main Cast: 
Sam Boxleitner, John Lyke, Phoebe Neidhardt, Caitlin Reilly, Andrea Boxleitner and Lee Boxleitner

About the Director

polaroid leebox_downstairs_0.JPG I am fortunate to come from an entertainment family, and have had the opportunity to visit film sets my entire life. Since as long as I can remember, I've known that making movies was what I was meant to be doing. When the time came, I studied at The Los Angeles Film School to learn the technical aspects of Directing, Writing, and Editing. After I graduated, I more