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The Wretched Prologue


Shorts Program 4: Dembanger, Capstone's Oak, Thirteen, The Wretched: Prologue, Woodland Heights, Hide and Seek

US Premiere
Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 4:30am
Run Time: 
395 A.D. Roman Centurion Markus Valerius leads a rag-tag outpost of soldiers in the isolated Germanic Black Forest that has come under attack by a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians inflicted with a horrendous virus that reanimates the dead into ravenous bloodthirsty beings known as the WRETCHED. One last tour for Rome, one last dangerous post to retire...but fate has other plans. Escape is no longer an option... it's Kill of be Killed.
Directed By: 
Richard Greenwood Jr
Produced By: 
Collin Watts, Richard Greenwood Jr, Shawn Shekarchian & Julie Lynn Thompson
Written By: 
Collin Watts
Main Cast: 
Ashlynn Yennie, Joey Kern, Nicolas Charles & Bob Mclean

About the Director

Richard (Rick) Greenwood Jr. Richard (Rick) Greenwood Jr is a writer/director/producer/cinematographer who earned his MFA degree in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles CA in December 2010.  Rick was born and raised in upstate New York and came from a hard working background which not only breeds a great work ethic and determination in him and more