The Summoners | SCREAMFEST

The Summoners

World Premiere
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 9:45pm
Run Time: 
5m 36s
Two high school girls invite a new friend to join their secret game of summoning spirits for the thrill of being possessed.
Directed By: 
Christian Ackerman
Produced By: 
Tony E. Valenzuela & Brett Annese
Written By: 
Chuck Foster & Christian Ackerman
Main Cast: 
Trista Robinson Wendy McColm & Erin McIntosh

About the Director

Christian Ackerman Christian Ackerman's obsession with horror started in the 80's with a late night VHS screening of Dream Warriors in his hometown of Santa Maria, California. Upon graduating from CSUN in Los Angeles, he co-directed the feature documentary "Elwood Carlisle Superstar" and served as an Associate Producer on the Lionsgate horror film "Dead and Gone." Last year, his horror-comedy more