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The Storm (2013)


Shorts Program 2: Black Sugar, Luna, The Storm, The Old Woman in the Woods, La Piedad, Mullet Gut, Sulfuric

Los Angeles Premiere
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 4:45am
Run Time: 
A remote arctic station is overrun by its own monstrous experiment, leaving the only two survivors no choice but to face what they've created.
Directed By: 
Andre LeBlanc
Produced By: 
Chris Fishel
Written By: 
Andre LeBlanc
Main Cast: 
Caleb Scott & Amanda Howell

Andre LeBlanc Andre LeBlanc began his filmmaking career in 2D animation with 'Captain Special', a short film about a mental patient who thinks he's a superhero. From there, Andre was hooked, becoming engrossed in both CG animation and live action. His award winning CG/live action short 'Parallel', about a cyborg coming to life on the manufacturing line, garnered Andre enough attention to work as a visual effects artist for Dreamworks, where more