Mullet Gut


Shorts Program 2: Black Sugar, Luna, The Storm, The Old Woman in the Woods, La Piedad, Mullet Gut, Sulfuric

World Premiere
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 4:45am
Run Time: 
Two lifelong friends in the twilight years of their life, seek retribution against the schoolyard bully that tortured them as children. Things don’t go to plan as one of them begins to question whether they have the right man. At its heart, MULLET GUT is a mystery that will keep you guessing until it’s final moments.
Directed By: 
Steve Boyle
Produced By: 
Steve Boyle, Samantha Lyttle, Charles Mitchell & Shane Krause
Written By: 
Steve Boyle
Main Cast: 
Errol O'Neil, Chris Betts & John Rees-Osbourne

Steve Boyle After a childhood of making monsters and watching movies, (often at the same time) Steve completed film school and decided to focus on becoming a special effects artist fulltime.

After working on films such as Star Wars EPII, The Matrix Reloaded, Ghost Ship and the Spierig brother’s UNDEAD, Steve had the pleasure of showcasing his talent to Academy Award winner Richard Taylor who promptly offered him work in New Zealand on more