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The Horizon Project


Shorts Program 3: Desolate Road, Skypemare, The Body, The Horizon Project, The Girl

Los Angeles Premiere
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 2:45am
Run Time: 
25m 30s
Survivors of a biological pandemic find refuge with Horizon Corporation, a company spearheading the global rebuild.
Directed By: 
Scott Belyea
Produced By: 
Dave Rice
Written By: 
Zack Mosley
Main Cast: 
Rob Ryan & Tennyson D'Onofrio

About the Director

Scott Belyea Canadian filmmaker Scott Belyea admits to creating at least eight short films as a writer/director/ editor, though the actual total remains unknown. The number is in fact, much higher. His films often screen internationally and have acquired a few awards which collect an unusual amount of dust on a shelf in his tiny apartment. The word "best" can be found somewhere on most of these more