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Hide and Seek


Shorts Program 4: Dembanger, Capstone's Oak, Thirteen, The Wretched: Prologue, Woodland Heights, Hide and Seek

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 4:30am
Run Time: 
A school girl visits a house to take a KOTO lesson. She meets her teacher and her son and they seem to be playing "HIDE and SEEK" in the house. Koto lesson starts but the girl soon realizes that there's something very odd about the teacher.
Directed By: 
Kayoko Asakura
Produced By: 
Kayoko Asakura
Written By: 
Kayoko Asakura
Main Cast: 
Asaka Nakamura, Sakiko Takao & Keitaro Komuro

About the Director

Kayoko Kayoko Asakura was born and raised in Japan. She started filming while in Tokyo Zokei University. After some years '92 work in TV production, she got in the Film School of Tokyo. She has directed many short films and TV drama including Furoagari-no-Onna/Don't Peep (2010) which was a viral video for a Japanese feature film Kyofu directed by Hiroshi Takahashi as known as the writer at Ring. Don't Peep ha...read more