Evaded screens prior to The Dead 2: India!

World Premiere
Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
9m 58s

A mother and her son are struggling through the frozen countryside. The birds no longer rule the sky and whatever is to be found on the ground is as dead as winter itself. A spark of hope lights up when they find an abandoned car. But after the mother discovers two of the previous owner dead, she realize that something is missing, or rather someone.

Directed By: 
Johannes Persson & Rasmus Wassberg
Produced By: 
Johannes Persson & Rasmus Wassberg
Written By: 
Johannes Persson & Rasmus Wassberg
Main Cast: 
Annika Ryberg Whittenbury, Jonathan Bökman, Pernilla Thelaus, Petter Eriksson & Dead woman

About the Director

Johannes Persson Johannes Persson is mostly known as a musician and has toured the planet for the last 15 years with his critically acclaimed band Cult of Luna. Evaded is his directing debut.

Rasmus Wassberg has been working behind the camera for many years in the Swedish film industry on different positions. Evaded is Rasmus directing debut.