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Black Sugar


Shorts Program 2: Black Sugar, Luna, The Storm, The Old Woman in the Woods, La Piedad, Mullet Gut, Sulfuric

World Premiere
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 4:45am
Run Time: 
Suburban reality unravels when a group of teens experiment with a new drug that takes its users to a terrifying new world. Charlie (Aaron Refvem, Sons of Anarchy) dreams of escaping his boring life, and in the darkest reaches of the internet he’s found his answer: Black Sugar. Promising a trip they’ll never forget, Charlie and his rebellious friends swallow the candy-colored hallucinogen, much to the dismay of Charlie’s tag-along neighbor, Adam (Jake Kellar). When Black Sugar takes hold, the teens find themselves thrust into a living nightmare, infested with terrifying creatures that serve a horrific purpose. With Adam stuck in the real world, it becomes a race against time to save his friend from Black Sugar.
Directed By: 
Hank Friedmann
Produced By: 
Brant Barger & Jason Baum
Written By: 
Hank Friedmann & Scott Yacyshyn
Main Cast: 
Aaron Refvem, Jake Kellar, Daniel O'Brien, Chanel Marriott & Walter Phelan

About the Director

Hank Friedmann California native Hank Friedmann is an accomplished director of music videos, and editor of commercials and the television show Comedy Bang! Bang!. An alumnus of UCLA, Friedmann received a degree in Russian Studies, melding an international sensibility into his work. Collaborating with Annapurna Pictures, Funny or Die, Interscope, Microsoft, Universal, Ford, History Channel, American Idol, and IFC, Friedmann more