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The Barista


Shorts Program 1: The Barista, Butterflies, Cough, Forever, Aftermath, The Banishing, Sleepworking

World Premiere
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 2:45am
Run Time: 
7m 35s
Through extensive research, a scientist discovers that a slacker coffee barista holds a deep, dark secret.
Directed By: 
Rebekah McKendry
Produced By: 
Elric Kane & Matthew Currie-Holmes
Written By: 
David McKendry
Main Cast: 
Amanda Fuller & Chase Willamson & Morgan Peter Brown

About the Director

Rebekah McKendry In addition to being a filmmaker, Rebekah McKendry is the Executive Director of Marketing for Fangoria Entertainment. She is also a college professor teaching classes focused on film history and horror films. She has Bachelors degrees in Film and English, a MA in Media Education, a second MA in Film Theory, and she is currently completing her PhD in Film Theory focused on horror more