Time's Up Eve | SCREAMFEST

Time's Up Eve

World Premiere
Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 5:00pm
Run Time: 
12 mins
In the 1940s, Eve (Sharon Wright) flees shadowy figures in the bleak metropolis where she's survived since they first arrived. Though now among the hunted, Eve is one of the lucky few to avoid being dealt a dark fate by her pursuers. "It's amazing how little is left after someone loses their soul," she explains. "They feel nothing. No pain. No joy. Emptiness." Vowing she won't end up like the others, Eve attempts a daring escape from the city, armed with the one thing that still gives her life hope.
Directed by: 
Patrick Rea
Produced by: 
Jon Niccum, Patrick Rea, and Ryan S. Jones
Written by: 
Patrick Rea & Jon Niccum
Main Cast: 
Sharon Wright, Jason Curtis Miller, Denise Carroll, and Ari Bavel