Not Even Death | SCREAMFEST

Not Even Death

No Premiere
Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 2:30pm
Run Time: 
Living among zombies has become commonplace. Under threat of infection, humans are required to gun down the undead - even killing a loved one. Then there's David. Jackie, the love of his life, is infected. Unable to annihilate her, he keeps her chained in the basement. Bringing her tasty brainy morsels, he has managed to keep her satiated. There is hope that a cure is near in Germany but will it come in time?
Directed by: 
Monica Winter Vigil
Produced by: 
Phil Clarke Jr.
Written by: 
Erica Engelhardt & Monica Winter Vigil
Main Cast: 
Joseph Will, Treva Tegtmeier & Kelly Lazarus