The Rage

US Premiere
Friday, October 19, 2007 - 11:00pm
Run Time: 
1 hour 25 min
Dr. Vasilienko has a problem with authority. Wronged by his government, the once benevolent scientist has created the ultimate biological weapon, a "rage" mutagen that transforms its human hosts into savage harbingers of death. When one of the carriers is attacked by vultures, the rage goes airborne, transforming the winged carnivores into mutated monstrosities with a taste for human flesh. With the virus spreading across the countryside, a group of young adults unwittingly stumble upon Vasilienko's secret lab and a night of unimaginable horror ensues when his family of flesh eating freaks arises for dinner.
Directed by: 
Robert Kurtzman
Produced by: 
Robert Kurtzman, John Bisson, Gary Jones, and Anne Kurtzman
Executive Producer(s): 
David Campbell & Marilyn Campbell
Written by: 
John Bisson and Robert Kurtzman
Main Cast: 
Andrew Divoff, Erin Brown, Reggie Bannister, Sean Serino, Ryan Hooks, Rachel Scheer, Anthony Clark, and Christopher Nelson