Boogeyman 2 | SCREAMFEST

Boogeyman 2

No Premiere
Run Time: 
1 hour 33 min
From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes a more intense and terrifying sequel to the original Boogeyman! A young woman attempts to face her fears... with chilling results. Laura Porter checks herself into a mental health facility still haunted by a paralyzing fear of the boogeyman after witnessing her parent's murder as a child. Upon her arrival at the clinic, other patients begin dying in horrifying ways that manifest their worst fears and phobias leading Laura to believe that the Boogeyman has finally returned.
Directed by: 
Jeff Betancourt
Produced by: 
Steve Hein & Gary Bryman
Executive Producer(s): 
Joe Drake & Nathan Kahane
Written by: 
Brian Sieve
Main Cast: 
Danielle Savre, Matthew Cohen, David Gallagher, Mae Whitman, with Reneé O'Connor and Tobin Bell