Criticized | SCREAMFEST


Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 14, 2006 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
Film critic Darian Stonehall is in trouble. He recently wrote a scathing review of a new horror fi lm, and now he's been abducted by the fi lm's mentally unstable director, who subjects him to an unforgettable, eyeopening experience. Stonehall will never watch a movie the same way again.
Directed by: 
Richard Gale
Produced by: 
Richard Gale
Written by: 
Richard Gale
Main Cast: 
Matthew Walker, Paul Anthony
About the Director(s): 

Jaman Lloyd is a Canadian writer & director who majored in History and Dramaturgy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

Jaman is a rare combination of youth with an old soul; a writer and director with an appreciation and admiration for the cinema of yesteryear.

His inspiration comes from the likes of Orson Welles, Samuel Fuller, Billy Wilder, Jean Pierre Melville, John Frankenheimer and William Friedkin. While he writes and directs to capture the audience more