Automaton Transfusion | SCREAMFEST

Automaton Transfusion

US Premiere
Thursday, October 19, 2006 - 4:30am
Run Time: 
1h 15min
Three teens find themselves in a town over run with zombies. Deciding to fight back, they go on a punch you in the throat, action packed, non stop ride through the city, woods, and schools.
Directed by: 
Steven C. Miller
Produced by: 
Geoffrey James Clark, William Clevinger, Jeremy McCormick
Written by: 
Steven C. Miller
Main Cast: 
Garrett Jones, Juliet Reeves, William Howard Bowman, Rowan Bousaid and Ashley Elizabeth Pierce
About the Director(s): 

Steven C. Miller was born in Decatur, Ga. His love for film began early when his father bought him a VHS video camera. Miller started off small with multiple music videos and short films. In 2005 Miller attended and graduated Full Sail University.