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Oren Peli

Screamfest Alumni

"When all other festivals were rejecting PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, Screamfest was the first and only festival at the time that accepted us. We had a great premiere screening and got positive reviews as a result. Shortly after, we got the attention of CAA and many distributors. The rest, as they say, is history! But it all started at Screamfest!" -Oren Peli

According to producer Jason Blum, who took on 'Paranormal Activity' after Screamfest in October, DreamWorks won the bid by attaching Peli as director of the remake.

Gory stuff can be shocking but it doesn't really scare me. I'd say the kind of stuff that gets under my skin is the unknown. You hear a knock behind a wall and you don't know what it is. Is there something there or not?
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