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Give Me An A

Give Me An A - Mon Oct 17, 2022 - 9:00PM
Film Info
Directed by
Natasha Halevi-Meg Swertlow-Bonnie Discepolo-Danin Jacquay-Erica May Wright-Sarah Kopkin-Monica Moore-Suriyage-Caitlin Hargraves-Megan Rosati-Hannah Alline-Avital Ash-Mary C. Russell-Valerie Finkel-Kelly Nygaard-Loren Escandon-Francesca Maldonado
Produced by
Natasha Halevi, Giselle Gilbert, Jonna Jackson, Jordan Crucchiola, Stephanie Williams, Alyssa Matusiak, Jessica Taylor Galmor, Charlene Fitzgibbon
Written by
Natasha Halevi-Meg Swertlow-Bonnie Discepolo-Trevor Munson- Danin Jacquay-Matt Vorce-Annie Bond-Rowan Fitzgibbon-Madison Hatfield-Megan Rosati-Savannah Rose Scaffe-Avital Ash- Mary C. Russell-Danielle Aufiero-Laura Covelli-Loren Escandon-Lexx Fusco
Main Cast
Virginia Madsen, Alyssa Milano

A wild ride of an anthology reacting to the overturning of Roe v Wade through horror, dark comedy and sci-fi. Created by an all female filmmaking team, this 17-segment series focuses on the visceral gut reactions of each filmmaker to expand conversations about women’s reproductive rights and the importance of bodily autonomy and also addresses the issues of a democracy that does not protect the needs of the majority of the population.


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15 Amazing


Directed by: Natasha Halevi, Meg Swertlow, Bonnie Discepolo, Danin Jacquay, Erica May Wright, Sarah Kopkin, Monica Moore-Suriyage, Caitlin Hargraves, Megan Rosati, Hannah Alline, Avital Ash, Mary C. Russell, Valerie Finkel, Kelly Nygaard, Loren Escandon, Francesca Maldonado
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