As Long As You Both Shall Live | SCREAMFEST

As Long As You Both Shall Live

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
United States
A recent widower attempts to make amends after the death of his wife.
Directed by: 
Peter Macaluso
Produced by: 
Peter Macaluso, Andrew Saunders
Executive Producer(s): 
Andrew Saunders
Written by: 
Peter Macaluso
Main Cast: 
Andrew Saunders, Peter Xifo
About the Director(s): 

Peter Macaluso founded Macarony Productions in 2005 and directed three no-budget features by the age of 23. He produced a 104 episode comedy webseries, Nepotism, from 2013-2015. His short, Lonely People, was selected as a Top 200 Finalist for HBO's Project Greenlight.

He's passionate about Batman, Olympic wrestling, puppies, speaking in the third-person, and figuring out what makes a good horror movie.