The Junket

World Premiere
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 4:30pm
Run Time: 
10 mintues 29 seconds
Celebrity interviewer and self-proclaimed feminist Stan hears something he shouldn’t when eavesdropping on Olivia Sarkin, the attractive star of a new vampire movie. She’s just taken a toilet break in the middle of their chat, but left her microphone on. Stan decides to listen in, but he’s not the only one doing something clandestine.
Directed by: 
Sean Bell
Produced by: 
Sean Bell & Katrina Olsen
Written by: 
Sean Bell
Main Cast: 
Sarah Krndija, Cameron Hutt and Violet Simpson
Sean Bell
About the Director(s): 

Sean Bell began his screen career in 2005 as an editor for the Australian public broadcaster SBS. During his time there he learned to hone his editing craft and expand into the roles of directing and producing.
He put these skills to use to make his first experimental short films, on which he performed many roles including Director and cinematographer.

Over the coming years he worked for many other broadcasters and production companies in Australia, his job taking him to Britain, more