Demon Juice | SCREAMFEST

Demon Juice

World Premiere
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 4:15pm
Run Time: 
A group of friends travel to a quaint vacation town for a weekend getaway, but discover a decades-old party drink that’s more dangerous than it seems.
Directed by: 
Shannon Brown
Produced by: 
Shannon Brown and Joshua Tolby
Written by: 
Shannon Brown
Main Cast: 
Allyn Pintal - Amy Anastasia Washington - Nia Annelise Dekker-Hernandez - Gigi Maddy Wager - Debra Joshua Tolby - Jordan Alex Sobotowski - Demon Juice Hotline Aaron Hertzog - Chad Reed Brice - Brett Jones Shannon Brown - Lillith Johnny Berchtold - Pizza Delivery Guy
About the Director(s): 

Shannon Brown is an LA-based writer and comedian, who began her career in sketch and improv comedy and has since branched out into writing and directing shorts.

Her unique brand of dark comedy and a flair for the strange has been showcased in online publications such as Atlas Obscura, The Big Jewel, Ranker, Reductress, and Bustle.

Most recently, her films were screened at the 15 Second Horror Fest, Salem Horror Fest, and Toronto Sketch Fest.